Do we really need yet another list of podcasts to check? Probably. Because traffic. Because waiting rooms. And because apparently every person ever happens to own a USB microphone, with a handful of them actually warranting a listen or follow.

With that, we thought we’d share some of the better podcast episodes we’ve listened to of late, looking past the Serials and WTFs of this world and staying a little closer to streetwear.

Highsnobiety Conversations
Episode: 30 years of Nike Air Max
It’s doubtful that Highsnobiety needs much of an introduction, and with their Conversations podcast being a seamless extension of the platform, the flow and format should be fairly familiar. In episode 19 they sit down with Gary Warnett, the renown sneakerhead and writer of Gwarizm, to dissect the past, present, and future of the most iconic shoe of our era.

The Glossy Podcast
Episode: The Hundreds w/ Bobby Kim
Glossy lives at the intersection of fashion and tech, and while streetwear isn’t often the focus, their sit down with Bobby Kim digs deep into this segment of style. In this episode they chat about the exclusive history of streetwear, its complicated relationship with high fashion, and the intricacies of designing streetwear for women.

How I Built This
Episode: Kate Spade w/ Kate & Andy Spade
While there is no connection to streetwear here, this episode (and this entire series) is a must for any makers, creators, or entrepreneurs out there. This NPR produced podcast almost always delivers the goods and the Kate Spade episode is a great example of that. They talk about the problems of making it big and the importance of simplicity yet somehow fail to mention how Kate is David Spade’s sister, something referenced in David’s WTF interview.

No Jumper
Episode: Streetwear Review #5
No Jumper is the self-proclaimed coolest podcast in the world. The show features a few Cali kids talking shit about probably the same stuff you talk shit about, and in a semi-reoccurring fashion feature they chop it up over all the streetwear swag they’ve been sent. Maybe we should send them a small sample of FW17…

American Fashion Podcast
Episode: Jeff Staple
While this episode is a few years old now, and fairly rigid in comparison to some of the pervious entries, Jeff provides plenty of gems relating to streetwear start-ups and just the hustle in general. And for those that eff with Jeff’s style/story, his Skillshare classes get lots of love from online learners.

BONUS ENTRY - Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler
Episode: Chance the Rapper
While this episode is as far from fashion as possible, it’s nice to hear Hannibal and Chance go back and forth on dancing, Chance’s best guest verses, S-dot-Carter-you-must-try-harder, and beyond.