After releasing TheGoods: VolumeFive, we hit the internet with Australia’s very own Dj Matt Hall to ask what’s really going on down under. Spoiler: it’s mostly about Crocodile Dundee.


Let’s start with the basics. The Matt Hall story is kind of a roller coaster, especially in the last few months. Give the people a quick run down of your traveling circus.

Yeh it's been crazy. So I lived in Toronto for 6 years and always had dreams of getting my residency and being able to stay there for good but unfortunately, it didn’t pan out that way.
My last Visa expired and I was too old to get another one and had no way to get PR so the government ever so politely told me to leave. Then not too long after that I had to sneak back on my British passport for my best friends funeral who passed just after I left. Now I'm back in Perth until I can find a way back.

I feel like you put out a beat junkies edit or a mixtape every other afternoon. First, thanks for making me feel like the laziest dj of all time. Second, take us through a typical day in the busy life of Matt Hall. And yes, I need to know about the donkeys, dogs, and all the other animals you hang out with.

Well right now I’ve just moved from staying on the family farm with the donkeys, into my own spot near the city. I have a studio set up in one of the rooms so right now it's wake up, coffee, studio, eat, work, sleep, and repeat.
The donkeys names are Angus & Murphy. They are miniature donkeys and really serve no purpose other than just being donkeys. My mum is a bit of an animal person and always wanted some so, she got them. They’re seriously the best animals. If I could take them with me I would!

Your Dj name. My guess: you had a previous dj name that was kind of embarrassing (I was once part of a dj duo called the “Snugglebots”, not a joke), then you woke up one morning, heard your dad call you your full name (cause you were in trouble, obviously) and you realized your real name was way better as a dj persona. Am I close?

Yeh so I've had some shockers in my time. But the most recent one I had was ‘island riot’. I didn’t mind it but at the time I wasn’t really playing out all that much. It was more of a producer name for soundcloud. When I started gigging a lot more, I found that with my accent and a few beers under my belt it was nearly impossible to communicate my dj name to people who wanted to book me so I just switched it to keep it simple. Now, I just throw my initials on all the work I do.

For TheGoods: VolumeFive you said you pulled tracks you’ve been digging lately along with a bunch of your own edits. What’s your process for creating your own versions, do you pre-emptively tell yourself, “Matt this week you will make 3 remixes” or does a song have to hit you the right way first?

I like to get songs that may be on their last legs, as far as play time goes, or completely dead and give them new life. As far as the edits go, sometimes I'll hear a great track like Frank Ocean – Chanel, or Kendrick – Element, who both have barely any drums or bounce to them and I'll rewrite the drums to make them dance floor friendly.
Right now though I'm spending all my time on making proper remixes. Seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands I'm just trying to get better and better each day.

Having been in Toronto for a minute and now being back in Australia, are there any big differences that stand out for you in terms of the Dj scene / music scene?

Yeh for sure, for starters there is a lot less of a ‘DRAKE’ scene hear although his tunes still bump on the dfloor, just not as many haha.
Perth in particular has a massive bass music scene so the biggest difference is being able to play tunes with a heavy drop or maybe a big remix of a popular tune and the dance floor really reacts to it. There’s a lot more house music kicking about here too, which is great as I've always loved a bit off house in my sets.

To quickly flow off that, are there any Australian acts we should watch out for or get wise to?

I’ve only just caught up on what’s been going on here myself and there is some amazing artists out right now. One in particular is a kid who’s tune I put in the mix. Probably my favourite tune of the past 3 months. His name is Arno Faraji, he's a 17 year old kid from a college here in Perth and has broken off from that typical ‘Aussie Hip Hop’ sound but still has a very Australian vibe to it. I can see him doing big things.

Let’s put you on the spot. In Toronto, you were playing everywhere. From Track & Field, to Lavelle, to Apt. 200, to Baby Huey's, to Dundas Video, I’m surprised your arms didn’t fall off. Tell me, and the entire internet, which spot did you like playing most and why. You don’t live here anymore; you won’t get in trouble.

Awww man you're really throwing me under the bus here haha. Ok well I have publicly said that Baby Huey's has the best dance floor of all the spots I would play. It’s a dark, dirty, sweaty dance floor. What dj dreams are made of. I had some of the most mental nights at apt200 and I'm sure if the staff at Track & Field didn’t get me so shitfaced I could remember what it was like playing there too (kidding, T&F 4 lyf).

Matt Hall, full Australian, honorary Torontonian, let’s wrap it up by finding out where your allegiance really lies:

(Matt's choices in bold)

Australia Day or Canada Day
Meat Pie or Jamaican Patty
Fosters or Labatt 50
Scarborough Beach or Hanlan’s Point
Raccoons or Wombats
Tim Tam or Nanaimo Bar
Crocodile Dundee or the Canadian Tire dude
Didgeridoo or Reggae Horn
Fairy Bread or Pop Tarts
Mate or Mans

Well sir, that’s it. Thanks for taking the time to hit the internet with us. The blog is now yours, tell us what Matt Hall is cooking up over the next few months!

No, Thank you! I hope people dig the mix.

Right now I'm finishing up a bunch of tunes to be released slowly over the next month-ish so keep your eye out for that. I'm also cooking up a new online project partnered with some homies to be released to the world (hopefully) around new years.


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