Fresh off releasing TheGoods: VolumeFour, we electronically caught up with Vancouver’s very own Dj Nick Bike and asked the hard questions. Mostly about SNL.

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say your obsessed with 45s. You’ve made 8 of your own and have a collection that’s almost hoarder-ish. What’s the attraction to the 45 and how did it feel when your first one was pressed? Is there one 45 that you couldn’t live without?

I try to keep my collection tight. I’m always cleaning out stuff I don’t play anymore or care about. Being contained to an apartment setting forces me to be wise about how I use my space, so 12”s are not in my best interest. I never really thought about deejaying with 45s until I moved to Vancouver and started seeing local guys doing it. 

The first pressing was pretty fun, even though the process was a complete pain in the ass. Some of them arrived warped. And until I sold any I was sitting on ~ $1500 of inventory. 

If I gotta pick one record (it’s 2 technically because you need 2); it’s Brick - Dazz. But you gotta have the promo, non-styrene copy with the short version because it bangs louder than the album cut.

You’re a maniac. From playing weeklies, to one-offs, to Shade 45, to a steady stream of edits and originals, you’re never not doing anything. What’s a day in the life of Nick Bike look like?

First thing everyday I wake up at 8 and take my girl to work. My free time is my work time. If I have projects on the go then that is my priority. Otherwise I’m constantly cleaning my Serato library and trying to keep weekly gig folders in order. I have been able to build a healthy email list of working DJs, so I try to keep that updated with regular edits.

For TheGoods: VolumeFour you said you pulled from the crate of things you’d play at the club instead of searching for less travelled songs. Was there something liberating about not having to find what’s next and just go with what you find hot right now? Or do you look forward pulling out things people have never heard before?

Making a mix is never completely straight forward for me because every second or third song I’ll think to myself “this needs an edit” or “this blends good with this” - so I’ll get sidetracked and spend an hour or two or five fiddling with things like that. Making a mix with songs I play out often makes my set stronger since I get to play around with combos and make new edits to suit my style.

I love playing new stuff to people, but sometimes it’s a bit easier to show off DJ style and production game with more well-known music. Whether you play completely unknown stuff or classics, a DJ still has to come correct with their style. Otherwise you might as well put on a Spotify playlist.

The classic Vancouver question. What do you love about being a Dj in Vancouver? Hate is a strong word so is there anything you strongly dislike about being a Dj in Vancouver?

There is some great nightlife in this city. You don’t have to be playing Granville St. clubs to make a living as a DJ here. Record heads can go out every day of the week here and listen to someone play 12s or 45s. Sure some clubs and areas have/are changing, but if you do a bit of digging you are sure to find something.

I wish more clubs only had 1 or 2 DJs on their lineups instead of 4 or 5. There’s nothing challenging about playing 30 minute sets at peak hour (not to mention not near as lucrative). A DJ who is used to playing five hour sets will demolish someone who plays one hour per night. I think a lot of club promoters see more DJs = more people through the door, but that’s some BS to me.

I once went to a tiny hip hop night in Tofino at the Ice House Oyster Bar. Arguably, it was one of the weirdest/best nights I’ve ever had. There was a lot of tuques, long hair, table dancing, and seafood throwing. Where do you fit on that scale as Dj Nick Bike, do you prefer playing smaller gigs with a rowdy crowd of random riff raffs, or is your heart with the big room big audience?

Chances are I’ve played for those same people in Tofino, haha. I didn’t grow up playing big rooms so I am definitely more accustomed to an intimate setting. 

Based on your weekly “Saturday Night Lucky”, I’m going to close out by hoping you’re an SNL fan. If you’re not, just fake this part:

Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?

Tina Fey, I guess? Both are funny.

Black Jeopardy or Celebrity Jeopardy

Celebrity. Thanks grade 8 lunch break.

Where would you rather live: Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood or in a van down by the river?

Mr. Robinson’s haha.

You’re hanging out at Wreck Beach, the laid-back clothing optional destination of choice for your free spirited friends. Then, the urge to drive to Dawson Creek hits you like a green juice fresh from the Juice Truck Café. On the 13hour and 11minute drive you can listen to one song and one song only. Is it “Fear The Reaper” or “What is Love?”

Hahaha wow. Fear The Reaper for sure, but what has my life come to that I’m at Wreck Beach and driving to Dawson Creek???

One of your favorite SNL musical performances? “Dick in A Box” and “Omeletteville” definitely count.

You can’t go wrong with Prince 1981.



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