Check our first skate edit featuring the new GOODS skate deck, in collaboration with Kadence Skateboards.

This video, and the entire collaboration with the good folks at Kadence Skateboards, has been a long time coming. Our relationship with Kadence began with distribution, but pretty soon we were co-hosting events and over time, their roster of Canada's top rising skaters - like Jayden Bono and Nico Labbe who are featured in this edit - began to stop by our studio more and more. From there we all travelled down to LA together to check out Agenda and capture some footage.

The trade show was what it was, but the skate side of things was goods. The team brought home plenty of clips, most notably one of Jayden murdering the infamous Hollywood High rail, shot by Kazik.

I'm actually surprised they let the man back into the country, when it was obvious he would just continue the spree.

But back to our trip. That skip to the left coast also brought us to a notorious skateboard production house where we checked in on the first few presses of The Goods Deck, which you can buy here. Watching the boards get pressed in a busy Californian warehouse was a great addition to the trip. We saw several similarities to the processes we go through when producing goods in Toronto, and the team got to pick any imaginable deck size and press the boards themselves.

Stay tuned for more edits from ONEMETH x Kadence. And of course, follow Jayden, Nico, Jordan (editor of the above video), and everyone at Kadence Skateboards.