Allow us to introduce you to Ben Paterson, a Toronto-based skateboarder that we’re proud to say is One Of Us.

For those looking beyond a tldr; Ben Paterson grew up in Oakville and began skateboarding when he was 11. Like most Canadian youth he took a stab at ice hockey and after playing competitively for 8 years, he decided it was time to hang up the skates and pursue his love for skateboarding. At 24 now, Ben is already a household name across the country who has won multiple contests, been published in all the magazines, and rides for Kadence Skateboards, Stance, Converse Cons, plus the Skate Loft.

As for Ben and ONEMETH Goods, we outlined the Kadence connection a little while back, but beyond that we can say that right from his first visit to our studio Ben has felt like part of the family. Whether he’s scuffing up our coffee table trying to perfect a trick or asking questions about next season’s samples that just came in, he’s always seemed to be on the same creative vibe as the rest of the team. It’s also been amazing to watch his progression and we’re happy to support that in any little way that we can.

And as for what Ben's wearing, he's in our oversized Ace Tee.

And that's about it. More edits to come, definitely follow Ben and Kadence to see where skateboarding in Canada is heading, and lots of love to 88GLAM for blessing the track.