The holiday season is officially upon us. Which means presents. Which means shopping. Which means a plentiful amount of insomnia-inducing stress brought on by having to rub elbows with the ravenous crowds at your local mall and that daunting list that you have to check twice and only twice for some reason.

Wipe that sweat from your brow and rest those bows, because we’ve put together a ONEMETH Holiday Gift Guide so that you can win the holiday season just like you win at everything else.

Even better? We’re hosting a ONESTOP Holiday market Dec 8th, 15th and 22nd, a one stop shop for all your holiday gifts including all the gems below. Stop by and get all of your holiday shopping done in one stop. Not from Toronto? Not a problem. Use the code NOTLOCAL on your next ONEMETH order for 10% off. Offer is goods until Dec. 22nd, 2017.

For your friend who claims to love the outdoors.

Heavy Quilt Button Up

You know that friend that dresses like a lumberjack but has never stepped foot outside the downtown core? We know them too and have the perfect outdoorsy jacket for them to wear wherever they choose to wander. Featuring a comfy wool blend on the front and a quilted thermal liner on the back, our Heavy Quilt Button Up is locally manufactured right here in the big smoke. Not to brag or anything.

For your friend that loves pickle(backs).

McClure’s Spicy Pickles

Maybe not the gift to give your baby gurl or even mama BUT your best dude friend or Dad will definitely appreciate some gourmet pickles with a spicy little kick. Then when you inevitably run out of pickles, you’ll have the perfect juice for a top notch Pickleback.

For your talented artsy friend.

Krink K-60 Paint Markers

This bestselling paint-marker has a squeezable body for that perfect flow control that your talented street artist friend has been looking for...also works for your not-so-talented artsy friend that wants to plus up their desk charm game.

For your skateboarding pal.

Ace + Chevron Skate Tees

Fact: People who skateboard are stylish but also sweaty. Which means a loose, comfy white tee is kind of an essential whilst kick-pushing. Luckily for you, our 100% cotton Chevron + Ace Skate Tee is just that and more with a subtle front chest logo + back logo across the shoulder blades and an oversized box fit to keep you feeling as cool as you look.

For everyone on your list.

Stance Socks

We know you already know this but socks shouldn’t be THE gift you give someone you love. It’s like a fun appetizer before you get down to the mouth-watering main course. Grab a fun pair of Stance socks for everyone on your list.

For your athletic friend on the go.

INCASE Sport Field Bag

You know that friend that you can never convince to come grab a post-work drink (or five) because they are always heading to the gym, which results in you feeling like a piece of human garbage? Well, if for some reason you feel like buying them something nice, the Sport Field Bag by INCASE is great for organizing sweaty sneakers and even sweatier socks.Unfortunately, there's no room for friendship. Happy flexing.

For your fashion-forward friend.

Hooded Thermal

Faded Lifestyle’s Hooded Thermal features a comfy waffle knit, made from a bamboo cotton blend that naturally expands the more you wear it, creating a shape and look that’s completely unique to you. Neat.