NAMES: It's A Living / Ricardo Gonzalez
LIVES: Brooklyn
INSTAGRAMS: @itsaliving

A few months ago, It's A Living dropped by our studio and blessed the space with a few murals. Necks continue to crane as people walk past his standout mural here, but if I'm being honest, part of me hates what It's A Living creates. The jealous part. The part that comes from a traditional graffiti background that's filled with throw-ups and burners. Because It's A Living takes street art to places I simply can't go. He blends all the best aspects of traditional graffiti with modern design sensibilities and his own colourful view on life to create, well, what he creates. It's an entirely unique take on street art that is worthy of winning a nod for The One Club's Young Guns 15, and also worthy of a follow on Instagram. To top it all off, he's good vibes. His approach to art spills into his approach to skating, travelling, and living, which is part of the reason we were happy to catch up with him real quick as the paint dries on his latest mural...

1. Who or what inspires you right now?
Currently, I am really inspired by travelling. Places, people's stories. Random finds on the street, graffiti and music. I've been on the road most of the year and it's been such a learning and an exciting path. My fav place this year was Japan no doubt about it.

2. What are some songs you’d probably listen to while painting today?
I literally just put my music on shuffle and these tracks came up! Sickkkk!

3. Die Hard or Jumanji?
Die hard!!

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. #itsaliving #calligraphy

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4. Is there a relationship between your painting style and your personal style? What about your skateboarding style?
100%. That's why it's a living. The things I do are what make me. Skateboarding has been a major influence from music to a mentality. Skateboarding is freedom and that's what painting is about and if I compare my painting style to a skateboarding style it would be technical for sure. Ledge tricks all bolts, I wish I was skating more tho...

5. What’s your favourite tool for creating?
Markers and Spraycans. But lately I have been using a lot of spray paint because it's the only medium where you don't touch the surface you don't get to feel the canvas but you feel the tool, the pressure, the nozzle even the paint. It's quite magical.

6. If you could collaborate with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be?
Death artist - it would be Keith Haring. Living Artist - Jenny Holtzer or James Turrel.

Finally, do you have anything you want to plug right now?
Right now I'm taking it easy but super stoked to have won Young Guns 15 which is a pretty rad award for creatives under 30. I may go to Art Basel to paint. I have a group show there and another one in Taiwan, and January another group show in New York for SCOPE Art. Should be pretty rad but above all, I am really hyped to go back home in Durango and see my family. It's been a crazy year...

And that's it from Ricardo. Stay tuned for another set of 6Qs from another creative in the near future...